If you have an address change for your business, below are the companies and/or organizations that you will need to contact in order to update your new business address information. In some cases, Hyke will assist or complete the address change step for you. Please note that this guide is intended only for California based businesses.

At the end of this document, you’ll also find some helpful links to resources on the best practices for updating your business address. 

1. Statement of Information (SOI)

  • If we (Hyke) haven't submitted your Statement of Information → We will update your address when we submit your SOI as part of your LLC formation. 
  • If we have already submitted your Statement of Information → You will need to submit a new one here: https://llcbizfile.sos.ca.gov/SI 

2. IRS form 8822-B -- Change of Address or Responsibility form 

We will complete the IRS change of business address form and send it for your review. 

When you receive the form, you will need to check to ensure the information is correct, sign the form and send it directly to the IRS address below:

Internal Revenue Service
Ogden, UT 84201-0023

3. Registered Agent 

We will update your new business address with your Registered Agent. 

4. Business License

Updating your address for your business license varies from city to city in the state of California. 

There are too many cities to list all of the direct links, but if you go to the city government website where you filed your business license, there will likely be an option to update your address online. 

5. Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Contact all of your banks and credit card companies to update them with your new business address details.

6. Gusto

Gusto manages payroll for your company. Below are the directions to update your business address, or the address for you and any of your employees.

7. QuickBooks Online (QBO)

To update your QuickBooks Online business address, follow the directions here or go to Quickbooks for further details: 

8. Your Hyke account

If you have an address change, we will automatically update your business address in your Hyke account. 

9. Auto-billed items

If you have any auto-billed items, make sure to review and update your business address in necessary

10. Update your clients

Do not forget to update your clients about your address change, especially you expect them to send you checks or any other written material.

11. Update your vendors

If you plan to receive any physical items (i.e packages) from any vendors you're working with (i.e Amazon), make sure to update your business address with their records

12. Final step

Make sure that the address changes were applied correctly.

Other resources

Here you can find further resources about the best practices for changing your business address:

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