Changing Your Company Settings 


  1. To adjust settings go to Gear-> Account and settings
  2. Company- Here you can change or update:
  3. Your company’s information and contact info
  4. Upload your company’s logo
  5. Update your marketing preferences with Intuit (take that SPAM!)
  6. Sales- In this section you can change or update your:
  7. Default invoice and sales receipt labels 
  8. Turn on progress invoicing
  9. Edit your default email messages on sales forms. Sales forms are invoices, estimates, credit memos, sales receipts, statements, and refund receipts.
  10. Edit the online delivery settings for your invoices and sales receipts
  11. Expenses- The only setting you can change here is:
  12. Updated the default bill payment terms (aka the default for how long you have to pay bills that are entered into QuickBooks Online). 
  13. Payments- Here you can: 
  14. Apply for Intuit Payment Processing, which allows you to accept digital payments on your invoices via credit card or ACH transfer
  15. If you have Intuit Payments, you can edit basic info like deposit accounts and get monthly statements
  16. Advanced- This section has miscellaneous settings for QuickBooks Online. There’s nothing in this section that you will need to adjust, unless advised by your bookkeeping team. 

This was a brief overview of the QuickBooks Online settings, for a more comprehensive overview, use the QuickBooks Online Online Setup Guide, QuickBooks Online settings guide (page 1 only).

Connecting your bank accounts


  1. Click Connect Accounts
  2. Type in the name of your bank, Azlo 
  3. Your bank will appear in the drop-down menu, click on the bank
  4. Enter your login details. Note, you might need to go through a verification process with the bank. If you do, the verification instructions will appear a second window.
  5. A list of your bank accounts will appear. Click on the bank account you want to connect, when you click on it a drop down box will appear.
  6. In the drop-down box, select the bank account you’re connecting (which will likely be your Business Checking).
  7. If you’re connecting an account that isn’t already set up in QuickBooks Online, then you’ll need to add it. To add a new account:
  8. Select Add New
  9. Choose the type of account (it’s either going to be a Bank Account or a Credit Card Account)
  10. Name the Account
  11. Choose Save and Close
  12. Click Connect. It will take a few minutes the first time you make the connection because QuickBooks Online is downloading your past transactions. 
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